MediCann’s Compassion Program is One in a Million

MediCann Gives away One Million Dollars Annually to those Less Fortunate

By Dr. Jean Talleyrand

MediCann has always taken a deep interest not only in our patients but also in the community outside of our practice, especially those less fortunate. Many people, and certain members of the media believe that medical cannabis physicians are in this branch of medicine merely because its profitable, and that this sentiment overshadows the real deal: which is to heal. If more people knew the reasons why I started this collective of compassionate care clinics, they might take a different view.

I’m a third generation physician and my family comes from Haiti – the first country in the western hemisphere in which African slaves gained independence and self-sovereignty. Haiti is also the poorest country in the western hemisphere, yet we are a group of people that have been to the mountaintops and suffered in the deserts. In fact, there’s an old saying describing Haiti’s hilly countryside: Beyond mountains, there are mountains again. Which is both a comment on the topography and a lovely metaphor to describe life’s journey. Our journey as medical cannabis doctors is a difficult climb, but reaching the top is as rewarding in equal measure. One thing is for sure: there is always another mountain to climb.

The mountain I climb today is the medical establishment.  I’ve been involved in an industry that chooses the financial bottom line over the health and well being of a person most of the time. The best example of this is the relationship between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry (interestingly, my mother was a pharmacist!).  Pharmaceutical companies have strong-armed physicians into relying on their industrially produced drugs as treatment. They make it streamlined and profitable for doctors to over prescribe medicines that keep a person sick longer (because it’s more profitable for a person to be sick longer, isn’t it?). Ideally, a medicine should be prescribed with the intention of limiting or stopping its use, and should mean that you’ve gotten better. How many older people are on a list of medications to be used forever? The result is that more people die in United States hospitals from prescription medicine than from illegal drug use.

Cannabis is a plant.  It comes directly from nature with minimal intervention by pharmaceutical industries. And perversely enough, the pharmaceutical industry knows how powerful and beneficial cannabis is, to the extent that they are endeavoring to create synthetic cannabinoids to cash in on one of mankind’s oldest pain relievers! The use of medical cannabis has been documented throughout history since 6000 BC.  It’s only in the last 70 years that cannabis has lost its popularity as medicine, the reasoning more political than medical. Cannabis has analgesic properties that eases pain, it shrinks tumors, and for the terminally ill, makes their last time on earth more conscious and far less traumatic than opiates, allowing them to spend quality time with their loved ones. Cannabis is safe, natural, medicine.

So why am I telling you about my background, climbing mountains, and the plight of natural vs. pharmaceutical medicine? Because it’s important that you know why we do what we do. At MediCann, we seek to right the wrongs of a medical industry gone awry and it truly is an uphill climb. MediCann physicians seek to teach people how to use medicines that complement treatment or provide alternative treatments that get you well enough to render medications obsolete.  In the end, the only treatments a healthy person should be using are food, exercise and companionship.

So where does that leave us as medical cannabis physicians with too many pharmaceutical options, and the media storm that’s ever pointed in our direction?

We turn the other cheek, we lead by example, and we show compassion toward those less fortunate who seek safe, natural medicine but can’t justify or afford the expense (medical cannabis is not covered by traditional healthcare programs).

In 2011, MediCann has given over one million dollars towards those in need through our Compassion Program.

Here are a few of the people we help with our Compassion Program:

These patients will always be seen for free.

The Terminally Ill – Those with a six months to live diagnosis.

• Indigent/homeless

Patients who already receive discounts:

• War Veterans – receive automatic discount

• Low income - receive an automatic discount, and are usually on MediCal or MediCare.

Compassion Has Perks!

Renewal patients receive a compassionate (free) visit if they bring in 2 New Patients.

This program seeks to level the playing field in health care. I don’t think you’ll see too many physicians at Kaiser involved in this level of patient care. But then again, if you were truly in it for profit over patients, why would you set up a Compassion Program? My team and myself really care about our community and believe that cannabis is a wonder drug that improves lives.

I’ve shared a lot of personal information with you about myself and what I do. But equally important is why I do it: why I started this organization, and what drives me to offer alternative medicine as a legitimate health care choice, and then decide to give it away in the toughest economic environment I’ve seen in my adult life. It’s expensive to give, but it’s more expensive not to give if you see people in pain that you could have helped.

Yours in health,

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4 Responses to MediCann’s Compassion Program is One in a Million


    I am sure that each and every patient that you have counseled personally is sure that you are capable, patient, competent and compassionate. I would love to be a member of your staff. People saying otherwise have not had the opportunity to converse with you. Thanks for all you do that resolves suffering for so many people. – Veronica

  2. Benny Lee Laxton says:

    Hello and thank you for emailing me and bieng out front and honest, I appreciate that alot. I suffer from lower back pain and fibromialgia, just 5 days ago I lost feeling in my left hand, my finger tips are numb so I know now I have to make me a doctor appointment but I am affraid to go because of a misfortune I had last year on mothers day, I went in for appendix removal and they hit my spleen wich made it bleed and them not knowing so I went back to a room to recover and I felt wierd then passed out, my wife said they called a code blue with a rapid response, next thing I know I am in the ICU and the trama surgeon told me that I will have to go back into the operating room again, he told me and my wife that if he wasn’t there the doctors were going to do xrays on me and at that time I would have bled out (internal bleeding) and died, I woke up in the ICU again with a zipper …. 23 staples and 2 pintes of blood and was in the ICU for 8 day’s.

    Maybe I am just stressed, due to anxiety and depression and yes I take them darn pills but, I have no choice because I can’t afford medical canibas, I have my license from Medicann and they even sent me a card to put in my wallet wich I thought was cool and they gave me a discount because I am on medi-cal medi-care because I am on SSI …. I had 2 epideral block proceedures , radio frequency to burn the nerves but still nothing helped ease the pain so I am embarrased to say that they prescribed Morphine (MS CONTIN).

    The neuroligist was offering me “Methadone” or “Oxycontin” and from me watching documentarys … I told him NO!!!!! And that I know what them hard drugs will do to you and what you can do with it!!!! He was shocked that I turned down them 2 drugs down and that people usually don’t turn them down so we agreed on a low dosage of “Morphing” and still have pain, Check this out …. He didn’t even have the xray documents and asked me to get them from my primary doctor, he was offering me some of the hardest drugs without seeing my xrays, then I figured out why everyone in the waiting room was so happy and cherrful … I want to turn him in but don’t know the steps. now with my left fingers are numb has me scared. I spent my last of my spending money on medical canibas so now I have a harder time with life. I am missing sooo much in life with this pain that I still have to teach my son how to ride a bike and I can’t …. it breaks my heart!!!!!

    Im sorry … Be good to people because what comes around goes around and you want to be on the better half.

    I love Medicann and I thank you all for any support you may have to offer. Thank you…. Benny 7341 8th. street Rio Linda California 95673….. it’s a small town in Sacramento County …. (916) 992-6933, Luvya all … be good…. Bye!!

    My mother in-law told me that I might have had a little stroke but not a heart attack and that concerns me but like I said

    • Mike says:

      Does the marijuana work for you? I don’t believe you said anything about it. I know lots of people that would have taken the OXYCONTIN, including myself. I don’t understand why you would feel ashamed at taking MSCONTIN. Pain management is a right, not just a party. I hope you understand that. Best wishes.

  3. Stephanie Peters says:

    Dr T !!!!
    I cannot tell you how moved and inspired I was by this article that you recently wrote. I am going to send this link to everyone I know including my family. Never have I heard it said better. I am so honored to be working here at Medicann and to be involved with you all in helping our patients to feel better and enjoy their lives more. Since I was 18 and used Cannabis for the first time until now at 58 1/2 years young, I am still using it for whatever ails me; and I know that it is a miracle plant that has made a huge difference in my life and millions of others lives (I talk to them every single day, all day long at work.). I am one of those people who does not want to use a single “pill” of any kind. I don’t even have aspirin in my house and I truly feel I am healthier for it and will live longer because of it. Thank you for being who you are, for starting this company and for allowing me to be part of it.

    Stephanie Peters

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