Cannabis / Marijuana and Bad Drug Interactions

Cannabis / Marijuana and Bad Drug Interactions

by Dr. Phil Leveque,

Found by searching ‘cannabis drug interactions’.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) – I have interviewed about 6,000 medical marijuana patients and I was totally bamboozled by the extreme variety of drugs that the patients had been given by their previous doctors for their various medical problems.

The wide variety of medical conditions for which cannabis/marijuana is helpful has been posted by Dr. Todd Mikuriya[1] and and Storm Crow[2] so I won’t repeat, except to say, the main causes are: severe pain of any kind, muscle spasms of all kinds, nausea and vomiting from all causes and central nervous system disorders of a wide variety. All of these and others represent around 200 disparate medical conditions.

It should be obvious that no other single medicine such as cannabis/medical marijuana is as useful and effective for such a wide variety of medical conditions.

I wanted to check my computer to see if cannabis/marijuana had ANY bad interaction with any other drugs. I will use c/mj as an abbreviation. I was surprised to find a wide variety of drugs with bad interactions and I tried to figure out WHY:

The first on the list were amphetamines which are strong CNS (central nervous system) stimulants. C/MJ is a mild CNS stimulant and it would be unwise to use them together.

The anti-depressants are another such as Prozac, but there are many. My patients tell me these drugs turn them into zombies and wouldn’t consider taking them together.

The next group are the anti-seizure, like Neurontin and Lamictal. C/MJ works well for seizures and I am told these other medications are severe CNS depressants and C/MJ works much better without the severe depression.

The next group are the opiates such as Oxycontin and Vicodin. C/MJ works very well for pain and it is not addicting as is this group. I doubt any patients would take these together.

The anti-psychotics are next, such as Seroquel and there are others. These must be really heavy duty drugs. California medical marijuana doctors do use C/MJ for some psychiatric patients. This has just recently been posted. For severe psychosis, I don’t think C/MJ would be very effective.

The next class are Benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax. These are relatively mild tranquilizers but are addicting, C/MJ is much better.

Tricylic anti-depressants such as Elavil and Nortripyline are another class. These also zombify patients, C/MJ is much better. I doubt anyone uses them together.

There are other classes of drugs which patients might use with C/MJ such as alcohol, anti-histamines, muscle relaxants, sedatives, hypnotics, etc. C/MJ works better for its medical reasons than these or any of the above.

As I have said before and many times, that cannabis/marijuana should be the first choice rather than the last choice for any of the medical conditions posted by Dr. Mikuryia and Storm Crow.


[1] Articles about Dr. Tod Mikuriya:

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[2] Articles by Storm Crow:

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